Pre de Provence, these generous sized shea butter soaps are super luxurious on the skin, smooth & creamy lather.  Made in France and available in Lavender,Sage,  Coconut,  Linden, Milk, Angel Trumphet, Guava Grapefruit, Gardenia,& Mint Leaf
From Pre de Provence, their best selling hand cream made with organic shea butter, protecting and softening.  Choice of Lavender, Natural, or Verbena. Paraben & Phenoxyethanol free.

8 oz Body Lotion pump....15.95
5.5 oz Shea Butter Balm.....14.95
8 oz Salt Scrub Souffle.......13.95
8 oz Shower Gel................13.95
12 oz Bubble Bath.............19.95

*Coconut & far our best selling fragrance, if your a coconut fan you will love this, we put the lemon in the coconut and mixed it all up..... available in Shea Butter Balm and body pump lotion

*Grace & Beauty...a clean, feminine and light fragrance, simply beautiful. Available in Shea Butter Balm, Salt Scrub, Pump Body Lotion, Shower Gel

*Linden......This may the hippest floral you ever tried, some bubbling citrus notes around a clean floral with a long lasting amber. Available in Shea Butter Balm 

*Milk & Grains...if you like almonds, you will like this scent, warm, cozy and natural come to mind. Available in  Pump Body Lotion

*Snow Angel...Sssh, when the snow falls you can almost hear hit the earth, soft like powder. absolutely beautiful.  Available in Shea Butter Balm, Pump Body Lotion,  & Bubble Bath (sold out until next Christmas)

*Pretty Pink Sugar...the most playful fragrance yet...a little sweet, a little sexy, a little fruity.....but a lot of fresh. Available in Shea Butter Balm,  Pump Body Lotion,  Salt Scrub, Shower Gel 

*Citron et Figue....a fragrance you would find in one of those fancy boutiques on Madison Ave.  It offers a lot of dept and is very intoxicating....! Available in Pump Body Lotion, Butter Balm, Shower Gel, Salt Scrub

We have searched for the best of the best.  Pamper yourself with the best products and fragrances.  From our own fragrance to ones made in France.....bubble baths, shea butters, lotions, soaps, bath salts and more.......
    Cote Bastide
    Ambre Creme
    Cote Bastide
 Ambre Bath & Shower
Cote Bastide
Bath Salts   21.95

   European Soaps
   Shea Butter Soaps  4.90
Dry Skin Hand Cream
15.95 ea
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