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Thanks for your patience and support while I try to resolve and regroup.  After meeting with advisers on my current situation in the soap business, I was forced to make some changes.  First, is the increase in soap prices.  Even after adjusting the price of my soap, it still does not reflect the labor that goes into it. In other words,  I am not able to pay myself  for my time, and more importantly not able to pay someone to make it.  I have found a vendor who will provide me with soap that is comparable to mine, it is rich and creamy and even a tad bit bigger in size. The recipe is adjusted and the fragrances are not mine, in order to keep the price where it is now.  I will also be making soap here and there as well, to fill in the gaps, but not in the capacity I have done in the past. I will also still strive to move forward and always look for a better way and product.  Feel free to email me at if you have any question on anything, thank you.
All bars are 6.00 each
Current Inventory January 16, 2019
​Berries and Bananas
Black Raspberry
Lemon Fig
Oats and Almond
Patchouli & Bamboo
Rosemary & Thyme
Snow Angel
Sweet Mint

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