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Here are the soaps I have in stock as of now, but check back often for more of the old favorites and new ones too
Coming late April
Farmhouse Fresh
White Chocolate & Raspberry Truffle
Beach House

Bay Rum with Macadamia Oil (few left).....This classic male fragrance is a top seller! Bay and citrus is a marriage made in heaven. Macadamia oil is easily absorbed by the skin an especially good for mature skin.

Black Raspberry with Mango Butter (sold out).....This tart juicy fragrance will have you puckering up for more. With added  mango butter to quench your thirsty skin.

Coconut and Mango Butter (sold out).....Dreaming of the sand and beach, this soap will help take you there. With added mango butter for a very nourishing skin drink that provides moisture and helps improve the skin's elasticity. 

Citron et Figue (sold out).....An upscale fragrance (you know the ones you find on Madison Ave in a fancy boutique), rich with lemons and figs. With added extra shea butter , which comes from the fruit of the African Butter Tree, to nourish and provide rich moisture! This fragrance is also available in creams, salt scrubs and shower gels.

Champaca & Bamboo with Avocado Oil (coming in Apil).....This hip floral is green and clean. Bamboo is paired up with Champaca, a tropical white flower belonging to the Magnolia family and has been used in the perfume industry for years.  And don't forget the avocado oil and all its nourishing and moisturizing gifts it brings to your skin.

Forest with Avocado Oil.....Undeniably one of the best, cleanest and freshest fragrant know to man! The Forest! With a handful of rosemary and a heapng of avocado oil.

Fresh Pink Jasmine with Apricot Kernel Oil  (sold out).....A new fresh take on Jasmine, instead of the overly cloying floral fragrances. Clean, dreamy and happy comes to mind when describing this fragrance. With plenty of good for your skin, apricot kernel oil , to soften and provide moisture.

Goatmilk & Honey with Kokum Butter (coming in April).....The high fats from the goat's milk help create a very nourishing bar of soap, while the honey is added to soothe the skin. Kokum butter is added (obtained from the Garcinia Indica Tree) softens the most roughest of skin. It is also said to fight skin degeneration and restore elasticity.A very popular soap with a hint of honey sweetness.

Lavender with Jojoba Oil .....Lavender essential oil offers a gentle cleanse, it refreshes and stimulates cell renewal.  Jojoba oil is added as a nutrient, it mimicking our own skin's sebum, holding and attracting moisture. Also known to repair & balance skin. Lavender has and continues to be a favorite with its' special gifts.

Lilac with Almond Oil (sold out).....A beautiful strong rendition of the old-fashion lilac tree. It is a simple and timeless floral fragrance!  With plenty of almond oil which is gratefully accepted by dry skin. 

Linden with Apricot Kernel Oil (few left) .....Clean sparkling and contemporary! Hints of citrus notes with a gorgeous  floral note and some long lasting amber. With extra apricot kernel oil   that is easily absorbed by your skin to provide great moisture qualities.

Milk & Oats with Almond Oil (sold out).....Where do I begin.  This soap has a lot! This soap is made with whole milk which has been used for centuries because of its' high protein and vitamin make-up that your skin easily drinks up.  Oats are added for a gentle exfoliate, while honey to soothe and provide additional moisture.  And than a heaping amount of almond oil to provide even more nourishment to your skin.  This special soap has a almond powdery fragrance, it is also available in a body lotion.

Passionfruit & Mango with Almond Oil (sold out).....A little mango and a little pineapple and a dab of peach & lime.....with just a hint of melon and basil.  Can you say yummy? With plenty of extra almond oil for a good skin drink too.

Patchouli with Shea Butter .....Patchouli essential oil is a beautiful natural fragrance. It creates a seductive scent that is uplifting and calming at the same time. The shea butter comes from the fruit (actually the pit) of the African Butter Tree. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin

Peony with Almond Oil (coming in April).....This fragrance is beautiful and true...absolutely perfect and soon becoming a number one seller. Enhance with almond oil that will keep your skin happy and soft.

Peppermint Candy with Almond Oil.....Just like those refreshing red and white candies, invigorating peppermint with hints of sweetness.  And for a good skin drink, we added some extra almond oil.

Pumpkin with Almond Oil (sold out).....Drum roll.........the number one fall fragrance is here, warm, spicy with hints of sweetness. With plenty of extra almond oil to moisturize the skin.  Goes fast!

Rose & Chamomile with Almond Oil (sold out).....A strong tea infusion is made using over a quart if chamomile flowers, which is a gentle cleansing herb to soften all skin types. With extra almond oil which is rich in proteins and very emollient  for you skin. And we don't use just any rendition of the rose fragrance, we tested and tested some more and we love this one. 

Rosemary & Calendula with Castor Oil.....Invigorating rosemary gives you a deep skin cleaning while the calendula is soothing and healing on damaged skin. Castor oil is a humectant which attracts and retains moisture to the skin.

Sandalwood  & Vanilla with Almond Oil (coming in April).....The sensual aroma of this soap will make you feel pampered. With extra almond oil, which is full of proteins that help soften and soothe the skin.

Snow Angel with Apricot Kernel Oil.....Ssssh......if your quiet enough, you can hear the snow reach the earth.....soft, light, like powder is how I describe this fragrance! With extra apricot kernel oil that your skin can easily absorb.

Sun-Dried Cotton with Avocado Oil  (few left).....A strong fresh scent laundry hanging on the line and dancing in the sun and light breeze. Avocado oil is added  which has many uses for the skin including treating eczema & psoriasis, relives dry skin, and increases the production of collagen, know wonder it is my favorite. 

Sweet Cranberry with Almond Oil (few left).....The tartness of the cranberries with a hint of sweetness, is delicious! With extra almond oil for a good skin drink.

Our Olive Oil Soaps are priced at $4.90 each or buy 10 for $45.00

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